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Current Obsessions

Things of fiction and fantasy I'm currently obsessed with........



A tv show I never really got into till the end. I've seen about three quarters of the episodes, and I still love it to bits. It's confusing and frustrating but too interesting and addicting to not watch! It's reairing all the episodes Wednesdays at 10pm on ABC. If nothing else, there's a number of fairly attractive guys running around in the jungle and on the beach. Beautiful wherever you look!

Kate and Sawyer

Star Wars


What can I say? Honestly the new prequel resparked my obession. I can watch the classic episodes with a different appreciation and point of view. While I think Episode 3 could have been *much* better, I still enjoyed parts of it....enough to make me want to obsess over Star Wars on a daily basis again! (Also: Ewan McGregor.)

Past obsessions:
The Office
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
(related: Martin Freeman)