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Now and Again

Dune is a series of books by Frank Herbert. The first book, Dune is incredible and intense. Its the first of seven books in the series, I have only read the first two, but I'm sure all the rest are great. Dune has been made into two movies: a theatrical one in the 80's, and a recent miniseries by the Sci Fi Channel. Personally I liked the miniseries better; even though both movies changed and altered the book. The book is of course the best, and it takes at least two or three readings to fully understand it. It has aspects of philosophy, politics, religion, psychology, mysticism, and any other aspect of sci fi you can think of. I love this book and I reccomend everyone read it at least twice!

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Contact is also a book; its by Carl Sagan. Although I first heard of it from the recent movie made of the book. I absolutely loved the movie; it was breathtaking. The book and the movie, of course differ. In this case a fair amount. I like them both separately, but I think I like the movie better; maybe it was just because it was the one I was exposed to first. Anyway, its a great and positive science fiction movie.


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