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Aeryn, Crichton, Pilot, Moya, Sparky, Pip, D'Argo, Zhaan, Crais, Talyn, Scorpy, Stark, Jool



This is the Delvian Zotoh Zhaan. She is probably my favourite from Farscape. This picture shows off the elaborate make up that the actress wore in order to become Zhaan. It took hours to take on and off everday, but it definitely paid off as being an impressive alien look.


This is the "bad guy" on Farscape, Scorpius. He doesn't normally dress quite as he is in this picture, but its an amusing scene in the episode. The thing I like most about Scorpius is that he isn't necessarily anyone's enemy. He's after John for his wormhole technology, but I don't think he particularly hates him; and he definitely doesn't want him to die. Although, based on the last new episode, it seems there's going to be yet another big battle between him and the crew of Moya.


Ka D'argo, a Luxan Warrior. Personally I don't find him intensely interesting. I think he's a valuable character, but not necessarily given enough screen time or importance. He's had some good moments (but most of them in side-kick mode) and some bad times (yeah, they sucked, poor D'argo), but in the most recent episodes he's been pretty useless. Please, someone, give D'argo a point to go on!


Rygel was actually helpful on the Royal Planet in the "Look at the Princess" Trilogy. Not entirely beneficiary, but he was in his element with royalty and knew how things worked in that circle. For all the times you've actually come through, Rygel, I commend you.


John and Chiana (with Rygel in the background) when Aeryn, and others aboard Moya were temporarily mind-cleansed by the Nebari. I rather like this picture, and I liked the episode as well ("A Clockwork Nebari").


Aeryn Sun, ex-Peacekeeper Officer, now a fugitive like everyone else on Moya. She's probably one of the more popular characters, and the most interesting (but I'm sure if they gave the other characters actual conflicts, emotions or screen time, people would like them a lot too). Anyway, I like her anyway. She kicks ass.


Pilot is symbiotically joined with Moya (the half-organic sentient ship) and is key in working pretty much all of Moya and everything that goes on with her. I think Pilot is very interesting, because he's so different from the others, but they never give him enough attention. So as always, I feel bad for Pilot. But he is quite the impressive muppet.