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Alright, I've come to the decision that the Star Wars prequels are pretty bad movies. I mean they are Star Wars, so yes I like them and will watch them, but..well...they kinda suck. Especially when compared to other much more well made movies that have been released. Alright, theres even some tv shows that I think have better special effects blended with acting and science fiction (but I might be a little biased on that opinion.)
Now, don't get me wrong, I love Star Wars. I have been fan of the amazing original trilogy for a while now, and I will probably never stop liking it. It's just these new ones....they're killing any hope. But that won't stop me from watching them again or seeing Episode III. They're Star Wars, and I will pretty much at least take a  look at anything with the Star Wars name on it. And also, well they have Ewan McGregor in them (as painful as it is to sometimes watch him have to try to act in the bad-dialogue, pitiful plotted prequels), and I will definitely watch anything that has Ewan in it.
I love the original Star Wars trilogy, and even though I may not like the way the prequels are turning out, I am and will always be a Star Wars fan.


Adrienne (Jedi Knight) and Emily (Indiana Jones), Halloween 1999

I have a bad feeling about this.