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Who am I?

Jarod and his father, Charles

Although its been cancelled by NBC, The Pretender still lives on weeknights on TNT in syndication reruns. TNT also has made two movies since the show has been cancelled. I watched this show almost since the beginning (and yes, have most of them on tape as well). Its a really intriguing show to me for the most part. Though there is but a few main characters, you become really invested in them and the psychology and philosophy of the show. The show is sometimes formulaic and predictable, but yet worth watching. The best episodes though are the ones that actively involve everyone and not just Jarod.

Mr. Parker and his daughter, Miss Parker

Jarod is a genius, and a great hero type chracter in sci fi. Though this show is not terribly science fiction, it definitely has its share of it in it. Its set in the real world though, and current time, so its not futuristic or space-oriented. It has more of an everyday kind of feel, something that its easier for you to empathize with. Jarod is the protagonist and the pretender. He's really a great hero, though predictable, almost infallable and of course...he's cute ;)

I'm gonna wait until they think its all forgotten, find out who did this and make them pay. (Miss Parker)