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The Pretender Photos
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Jarod, Miss Parker, Sydney, Broots, Angelo, Mr Parker, Mr Lyle, Mr Raines, Kyle, Major Charles, Margaret, Catherine Parker


The cast of The Pretender, as seen in the first TNT movie (creatively titled: The Pretender 2001). Its a good picture, but Jarod looks a little too smug for me. The movie is also good, but it doesn't "answer all the questions" as it claimed to. It only makes things a bit more confusing...which they seem to be good at.


This scene always cracks me up...Jarod and Miss Parker sneak into to badger a dying man.....
"Who killed my mother?"
"Who are my mom and dad?"
Geez...leave the poor guy alone...he's trying to die.

Jarod and his father, Charles

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